We find this Hebrew word, Haw-Gaw, in several of the ancient scrolls. The great Creator used it to instruct a man by the name of Joshua who was to assume the responsibility of leading millions of Israelites into their promised inheritance after the death of Moses – He was instructing him on how to be successful.


King David, the great psalmist, used the same word Haw-Gaw several times in his writings. You will recognize the word in your English translation as “meditate.”King David said that he meditated on God’s word, God’s works, God’s statues, and God’s testimonies.


When most people think of meditation, they think of Eastern mysticism, which involves emptying the mind. But the word Haw-Gaw means to fill the mind and to mutter those things. In reality, we all meditate on a fairly consistent basis, but the problem is that we meditate on the negative. We only give it a different name – worry.


For reasons unknown to me, we humans tend to gravitate toward the negative. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the first word most of us learned was the word “no.” Have you ever heard of a businessman who became successful by meditating on his failures?


Remember the man Joshua we spoke of? When God told him to meditate, He also told him that through that meditation he would make his way successful and prosperous. But like David, he had to meditate upon God’s statutes, God’s testimony, God’s works, and God’s word.


We all want to be successful, but what does “successful” really mean? It means a lot of things to a lot of different people, and unfortunately, most people equate it with money. Having money to care for your family is naturally part of being successful. However, you can have money and go through a divorce or have children that will not speak to you, or no friends or poor health. So there must be a lot more to success than having money. If money is our definition of success, then we have the lowest form of success known to man.


Webster’s definition of success is, “The achievement of something desired, planned or attempted.” My definition of success is simple; it’s finding my purpose in the universe and then, with the aid of my Creator, fulfilling that purpose. And it all begins with meditating on things which He says.


I’m not a physician by any stretch of the imagination, however, I do read a lot, and I have read many reports that claim that up to 90% of doctor’s visits are stress related. That means they are psychosomatic, or, in the mind. As I said, I’m not a physician, but my understanding is that it basically works this way; The mind and the central nervous system work together in a concerted effort to send signals to something called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus, in turn, instructs the body to release certain chemicals into our system. When we are stressed out, our central nervous system sends the wrong signals thereby by causing the hypothalamus to release or not release the exact portion of chemicals that our bodies need to function normally.


No doubt, God knew what He was talking about when He said if we meditated on (think about and mutter)  all of the good things of God it would be a key ingredient to a successful life.