Supernatural Authority



There are many voices in the world. For example the world of the psychologist who studies the psychic tells us our life is a byproduct of our upbringing. That we are the sum total of what our parents, siblings, teachers, coaches and other people have put into our psychics. Then we have the evolutionists tell us we can’t help it were a byproduct of a cosmic explosion. But then we have the ancient manuscripts which tell us that there was a creator and we were created by that creator in his image and his likeness. And then the ancient scrolls tell us that this amazing creator gave his creation authority in the earth.

I tend to believe the latter. And that is amazing news to me because it tells me I have control over my own destiny.

The reason we miss a great portion of this opportunity in our lives is simply because the ancient scrolls did not say we had power it said we had authority. And what man usually fails to realize is that the only authority that exist in the universe is delegated authority.

An example of this would be a police officer. He has authority to stop you if you are violating the law. But he only has that authority because he’s under authority. He is under the authority of the chief of police, who is under the authority of the city Council, who is under the authority of the legislators, who is under the authority of the federal government, whose under the authority of the president of the United States, who is under the authority of the electorate. Same principle applies in our subject matter. The great Creator has all authority but he delegates authority and he began by delegating authority to the one he created in his image and his likeness. But just like the police officer mankind only has authority if he is under authority. And sad to say most of the human race refuses to submit to any authority therefore they have no authority. And by refusing to be under the proper authority we automatically fall under the authority and power of the realm of darkness. And then we wonder why our lives are falling apart on every side.

We see a perfect example of this in the life of Jesus. A Roman soldier came to Jesus one day and ask him to heal his servant who was sick, Jesus said, I will come with you and heal your servant. But the soldier said I’m not worthy that you should come to my house but if you would just speak the word I know my servant will be healed. Then he said, because I am a man under authority therefore I say to this would go and he goes or I say to this one, and he comes, if you Jesus will just speak the word I know my servant will be healed.

The Roman soldier was saying he understood authority and he also realized Jesus was under authority, therefore he had authority. When it was all said and done the ancient scrolls say that Jesus marveled because he had never seen such great faith.

Authority always begins at the point of agreement. I either agree with what my creator says and empower light and victory into my life or I set myself in disagreement with my creator and empower darkness and disasters and defeat and my life.

Remember we were created in the image of the Creator. So how did the creator create things? Believe it or not according to the ancient scrolls, he spoke things into existence. This is where the evolutionists say there is a big bang. Because science proves that things are created from sound waves. The voice of the creator is the sound wave. But the scientist can’t admit to a creator so they must say there was a bang.
Getting back to our subject matter of authority. We must learn to agree with our Creator by speaking the same thing that he declares because whether we realize it or not the words we speak are spiritual. And according to the ancient manuscripts those words produce life or death blessing or cursing.

Be sure to follow us because we will speak more on the subject of supernatural answers in the future.