Fourth Dimension

The Fourth Dimension


The first part of this article is a summation of an article that I read about the fourth dimension, which was written by a physicist. The second half is my opinion of the fourth dimension from the perspective of the Supernatural.


People can’t really visualize or conceptualize any geometry beyond 3D. It is said that people who work with 4D tend to visualize in projections or slices – they take their big object, and flatten one of the dimensions so that it fits in 3D.

If we try to construct a 4D space, it would go something like this. To begin with, we would take our 1D line, and slide it sideways in order to build a 2D plane. Keep in mind the first dimension (1D) is now contained in and under the control of the 2D. Now that we have what is called the plane, sweep the plane upward in order to build the 3D space. Think of this like a stack of an infinite number of really thin 2D slices, which can be bundled together to make a 3D space. Now, the second dimension (2D) is now contained in an under the control of the 3D,

I heard a physicist say, if you are embedded in a 3D space (which we are) you can’t point in the direction of the 4th dimension.

To construct this 4th dimension lets follow our procedure from before. Take your 3D space, and just smear it out again, so that you now have an infinite number of 3D ‘slices’, and staple them all together. That’s sort of what Time dimension looks like – your time coordinate is instantaneous ‘slices’ of 3D spaces.


My opinion of 4D differs slightly; I believe the ancient scrolls speak of the fourth dimension in great detail as the supernatural or spiritual world. And according to the ancient scrolls 4D is the dimension of the spirit world. And just as the second is contained in under the control of the third dimension so is the third, which we live in, contained in and controlled by the fourth dimension which is the supernatural or the spirit world.
Keep in mind that 1D, 2D and 3D are all contained in and under the control of 4D

The ancient scrolls tell us there are two sides to the supernatural fourth dimension. At times the scrolls refer to the two sides as light and darkness. The scrolls also tell us that the one called darkness will imitate light in order to deceive us and draw us into darkness.
So how can we possibly discern the light from the darkness? There must always be a foundation that we can build on. That is why in our post and articles we will always refer back to the ancient scrolls as our foundation.
Supernatural manifestations occur in many of the religions of the world. We see supernatural manifestations in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and even Satanism. But not all of these manifestations will produce a positive effect on society. Therefore we can conclude that not all are light.
A perfect example would be Mohammed; he claimed to have had a supernatural experience where he encountered an angel of light. So how do we know whether it was an angel of light or of darkness imitating light?
It’s simple, what he received led him to kill tens of thousands of people. Ask yourself this question, would you call this light or darkness, good or evil? Those who are intense in following his ways still do the same today.
This is why we must have a solid foundation if we desire to gain access to the supernatural. Simply because, if we have no foundation to build on we will be led astray, perhaps not to the extreme of Mohammed but we will be led astray simply because we live in 3D but are controlled by 4D.