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Like most people throughout history Larry thought there had to be more to life than what he was experiencing. He spent the first half of his life searching and now, its early evening, on a cool November day in 1977. Larry is leaving Las Vegas. He thought that perhaps he could find what he was looking for in Las Vegas, but like so many cities he had previously traveled, he was leaving unfulfilled with the same empties inside.

As He approached the city’s edge leading into the desert, He sees a car on the side of the road with a flat tire and four young ladies, whom he perceives are hoping for someone to stop and help. At the same time he noticed a nightclub in the background. Instantly he put everything together in his mind; he could stop and fix the tire and then the four girls and he could go to the club in the background and party for the evening. But little did he know he had a supernatural experience waiting for him. It’s as though an ambush had been set up and he was the target for a supernatural experience.

When he offered to change the flat tire the girls instantly accepted his offer. Eager to party, he jumped into action and began to remove the spare tire, the jack and the lug wrench from the trunk of the car. With the lug ranch in hand he knelt down beside the flat tire and began to loosen the lug nuts.

On his knees, on the ground, tugging on a lug nut, the four girls huddle around him. While looking over his shoulder one of the young ladies says, “Sir, do you know Jesus?” How could you not know him? Especially in the United States where we have pictures on our walls, movies on television, newspaper ads on Easter and cards with his picture on it at Christmas time. So he answers, “yes doesn’t everybody?”

But the young lady replied back with a remark that he did not know how to answer. She said, “Sir, what I mean is, do you talk to him and does he talk to you?” Larry said, “No! is he speaking to you?” She replied, “yes, would you like to talk to him?” Needless to say, her answer shocked him to say the least. After a life of alcohol, drugs, easterner meditation and everything else in between he decided to try talking to Jesus. So on that cool Las Vegas evening on the side of the road Larry Beam experienced what the Bible calls being born again. And he began a wild and amazing life of accessing the supernatural for me.


Since that first encounter Larry has spent over 30,000 hours in his studies of the supernatural. He speaks about Spiritual Laws that effect everyday life and create supernatural changes. Larry is dynamic, inspirational and engaging. Drawing upon his personal experiences of growing up in the streets, a wounded veteran in Vietnam, a business man and a pastor for over 30 years.

Larry was totally blind in one eye for 30 years from an injury in Vietnam but was supernaturally healed, without the aid of a doctor. Recently he lost 50 lbs. without the aid of dieting. he simply asked, and began losing weight. he then asked to maintain his weight after he reached a certain amount, and, as of this writing, he has not gone beyond that point!

Larry’s one goal is to help you and others understand spiritual laws that will connect the natural world with the supernatural, which in turn, will help you have a more meaningful and joyful life.

As a speaker and minister, Larry knows how to elevate your gatherings to achieve unparalleled success. If you are interested in having him speak at your venue, please contact him through the contact page.